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Welcome to Hawaii StudioAGFA Photography(夏威夷艾格法摄影工作室). StudioAGFA is a team from New York and based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our team endeavors to catch real emotion and feelings in each moment. Photography services include Portraits, Engagement, Wedding, Boudoir and Honeymoon photography. Besides, now we provide professional videography AND cinematography services for wedding or engagement love story. We provide nationwide service not limited in Hawaii. 我们是夏威夷艾格法摄影工作室。我们提供定制全美的婚礼摄影,婚纱写真,婚礼微电影,婚礼影片服务,欢迎大家联系我们。



WeChat(微信): fatdodoyuan/studioagfasales

Weibo(微博): @夏威夷艾格法摄影工作室


Phone: (516)946-1203

Address: 3514 SteB Waialae Avenue, Honolulu, Hi, 96816


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